Why children, why Youth-Aaron

Q: How long have you been working with children or youth?

A: I am approaching my 4th year of stewardship with them. I began this rewarding journey in August 2012.

Q: What is it that you do and how do you do it?

A: I am a Sunday school teacher, praise & worship leader, and mentor. I use my leadership skills to squeeze every ounce of God-given potential in these children. I listen to the Lord who guides me on how to approach them by encouraging participation and rewarding them often .

Q:What made you want to work with children or youth?

A: I was tired of just merely existing and occupying space. I knew there was something great God wanted me to do, but wasn’t sure of what it was. My church has an annual Ministry Fair where you get the chance to hear what each ministry offers. Giving back was already a way of life for me at that point, so once I figured out where I could be effective I started serving. Truthfully, I never prayed for this particular annoiting with children, however once I understood how much influence I carried I embraced it. God told me to make myself available and that is exactly what I did.


The Lord requires our best efforts because that is what He offers us “His personal best”. Don’t do things half-heatedly or out of obligation, do it with excitement and passion because their is a generation watching and taking notes. Also, I will be releasing a 7 Day book of positive affirmations for children really soon and I’m currently putting the finishing touches on an interactive concert for children.


2 thoughts on “Why children, why Youth-Aaron

  1. I enjoyed reading your post !! It’s clear that you are passionate about our youth and I commend you. In addition to being a youth therapist I am actively serving in my church over the youth ministry, and leader over youth praise and worship. I’ve always know working with children was a life calling and I wholeheartedly seek to fulfil my purpose working to make difference . Thanks for sharing

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