Taboo: Exposed

Richelle E. Goodrich (100)


It’s difficult to expose what is easy to withhold. Actually it’s more-so a stronghold than easily withheld information. I believe the more we share the more we expose and shine light into the dark places. I’ve witnessed things children shouldn’t see. I was exposed to pornography at a very young age, about 3rd grade. “Cousins” that would “play” sandwich & other ones that would peep. It all seems so innocent, but now I truly understand it was a seed. It was planted to steal my destiny, the weeds that grew from taboo encounters caused me to battle with depression, abandonment, rejection, fornication, suicidal thoughts, masturbation, identity issues, lust, homosexual desires… Even in typing this I want to erase it and not share because of “what will they think” but what’s even louder to me is the one that will say “ there’s hope for me too!” I desire for my testimony to help others address the issues and get to the root so the process of true healing can begin. Sharing even this hopefully shows others that true freedom is speaking up & taking your power back from that which attempted to rob you of it.


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