The Root Remains

Begi (1)



There is a tree that produces fruit. The fruit you want are pears, but the tree is producing apples instead of pears. You can remove each apple as it shows up on the tree. You can even get pears and some type of way attach the pears to that three. Try as you may the fact remains, the root remains. The seed that yielded roots that yielded a tree that yielded fruit was an apple seed. Regardless of what you do as long as the root remains you are going to continue to get the fruit of that seed.

I think the same thing metaphorically applies to children. It applies to children in church, within schools, on the streets and in our homes. I don’t think we realize what seeds are planted within children. And just like a natural seed nurture it long enough and it will grow. It doesn’t matter what type of seed it is, a seed of love nurture it and it will will grow, a seed of low elf-esteem nurture it and it will grow. There are battles that we face and children and not excluded from experiencing battles as well. In fact children are the most vulnerable and it makes them a target. It makes them a target for the enemy.

Have you noticed that if you were to ask the majority of adults who have certain views, ideas or even struggles a lot of them were developed during their childhood. Those years are crucial as it shapes just about everything. We as adults must not only realize this, but understand this. Watch and pay attention to what your children are exposed to. As a parent you have many purposes and responsibilities, one of those responsibilities is to guard. We aren’t called guardians for no reason at all. Guard your children, guard their ears, their eyes, their heart, and their spirit. To everything these is a root.



“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Luke 6:45



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