We’re growing!

I am excited to announce that we are now in the process of becoming a 501 (c) (3) organization. After two years since starting WhenChildrenSpeak it has went from promoting literacy to leading children to Christ and helping them know that they have a voice. Not only did it go from helping them know that they have a voice , but also for them to know that what they say truly does matter.


We are starting Forms of Expression which will be an After School Program available for children. Our focus this year has been community outreach and we realized that you cannot reach the community without reaching and being in it yourself.


We are accepting donations so that it will help with the costs of becoming a 501 (c) (3) organization as well as help with the startup funding for the Program in terms of materials and supplies needed as well as snacks.


If you are led in anyway to donate no matter the amount I want to tell you thank you and that what you do and your support for WhenChildrenSpeak and our mission is greatly appreciated.


You can by clicking the image below

Put what you want in here whatever God learyryrds you to write


There is work to be done!

It has been awhile since I have created a post, but now is the time. I don’t create any post just to create a post but everything is created with a purpose for a purpose and this one is no exception from the rest.


For the past few weeks or maybe even a month I have been listening more, seeking God more, reading more books and watching more documentaries. There has surely been an increase all around but more than anything seeking God on what I should do I even where I could possibly start with this passion, this burden that I have for children. Majority of the documentaries I watched focused on adults, but I noticed one thing that they all had in common. Whether it was an inmate in juvenile detention center, an adult in prison or someone striving to survive in their current surroundings, in their environment one thing that had an affect on them was their home life.

As a parent I realize how important it is to set a foundation, but not just firm foundation for our children in the things of God and not the things of this world. This world is constantly changing and one thing that may be more acceptable to the world may not be years from now, but God remains the same, His word stands and remains.

All in all what I am trying to say that as a parent our children are counting on us and that we have a responsibility. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Raise a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” I don’t know about you, but that says more than enough to me. Our children need us, but more than us they need God to know Him. We all do.

The Big 5 Conference

There are plenty of conferences for women, business owners, on relationships and even a handful for men, but there are rarely any for children. We want to introduce you to an organization and the people behind the organization that have created a conference for children and their families to be apart of.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Martin and Lannessa Moshay
We are the founders, CFO and CEO of The BIG 5 Ministries
The husband and wife team of the Moshay family. Mother and father or 3 little gentlemen.

Martin Moshay is a devoted husband, father and minister of the gospel.  He shares, with Lannessa, the joy of raising, teaching and training their 3 sons. Martin’s life is a vivid example for his sons to see how a man should love God, his wife & his family.  From blessing babies, teaching Bible studies, ministering in prisons, hospitals, and to bereaved families; Martin’s ministry extends to various ages and stages of life.

Lannessa Moshay is a dedicated wife, mother, entrepreneur and international Best-selling author. As the owner of 3iMAGES.org; Owner and creative director of Pregnant DiVAS (www.PregnantDiVAS.com), Lannessa creates custom tees and uses her platform to speak to girls, women and mothers. She teaches etiquette workshops, and empower mothers to nurture their young.  While home schooling, she invests quality hours teaching her sons Bible doctrine and to become Godly husbands.

Martin and Lannessa Moshay are the founders, CFO and CEO of The BIG 5 Ministries.
The husband and wife team of the Moshay family, father and mother of 3, entrepreneurs and ministers of the gospel are very generous with their time, talent and treasure.
Martin and Lannessa are global minded international speakers and short-term missionaries. Together they have shared the Gospel and life skills in 4 countries, 3 Continents and multiple cities and states.


What is The BIG 5 Conference?

The BIG 5 Conference is the unique, life trans-formative conference tailored and designed to empower the next generation to live BIG and to win souls!

The Premiere Children’s Conference for children ages 4-13

What is the purpose of The BIG 5 Conference?

The BIG 5 Ministries is partnering with Christian and interfaith communities in Houston, Dallas, and as far as Louisiana, to assemble as many people as possible to hear a message that Jesus Christ is “the Way the Truth and the Life”. The BIG 5 Conference will reach out to families, churches, interfaith organizations, orphanages, transitional living centers and shelters to be a part of this unique Christ centered event.

Our purpose is to Evangelize, Educate, Encourage, Edify and Edu-tain children while they learn to become disciples of Christ.
Israel Houghton’s song: We Are a Chosen Generation, We’re Gonna Change the World” says it all.
1) We desire to instill in the little children that they are chosen, they are important, they have a purpose – a God-given purpose.
2) We desire children to become equip with the Gospel of Jesus Christ – to evangelize their families, friends, and neighbors around the world.
3) We desire desire the children become world changers. At the BIG 5 Conference, the children will receive the necessary tools to become world changers. To build Godly families, to become         ethical business owners, and honest world leaders.
1 Peter 2:9-10 MSG “9-10 But you are the ones chosen by God, chosen for the high calling of priestly work, chosen to be a holy people, God’s instruments to do his work and speak out for him, to tell others of the night-and-day difference he made for you—from nothing to something, from rejected to accepted.

Who can come to The Big 5 conference, and what can they expect to experience when they come?

Conference goers will attend workshops and interact with group leaders to equip them with skills to make a BIG and positive impact in their families, their communities and the world.
Children ages 13 and younger are invited to participate in this FREE ticketed event. Group and family registration can be foundwww.TheBIG5Conference.com
Although, The BIG 5 Conference is a children’s conference it is whole-family friendly. We are expecting 3,000+ children ages 4-13 as well as their (siblings and their parents). We are encouraging diversity of ethnicity and faith backgrounds.

How much is it to register for the Conference?

The BIG 5 Conference is a non-profit FREE ticketed event. Once registered for the three day event, tickets will be held a will call for pickup.
Partnership and Sponsorship opportunities are available on The BIG 5 Ministries website – (on our website – http://www.TheBIG5Conference.com) and on our FB page: (The BIG 5Conference)

When is the Conference?

Friday, October 13- Sunday, October 15, 2017

What do you want people to take from the Conference?

  • Evangelize the lost – people to leave with a relationship with God
  • Children to be encouraged and affirmed that their life matters to God
  • Children to leave knowing they are loved by God
  • Children to leave knowing they have a purpose
  • Children to leave knowing they are gifts from God
  • Parents to leave knowing their children are gifts from God
  • Parents to leave knowing God loves them & has a purpose for their family
  • Parents to leave with some tools to help strengthen their relationship with their children

Dear Younger Me-Ana

Dear younger me,

Listen, listen carefully. Sex is a gift from the creator meant to bring two people close in a pact of love. It’s a seal between two people coming together and we leave a part of us with every person we seal with. Don’t give boys part of you because if you do you’ll have nothing left to give. You’ll feel empty, alone, dirty and regretful and wish you’d listen to your mothers advise. That boy who’s taunting you, he tells you he loves you, he tells you that he will marry you if you have sex with him… it’s a trick, don’t fall for it. Run as fast as you can. Save yourself, keep your eyes sharp for any deceit from young men. Boys will say what they can to get ahold of your gift, be vigilant and don’t be fooled.

I know you feel the pressure, I know you think it’s not a big deal but trust me.. you’ll wish you have waited. You can’t have it back once you give it away, look I know many of your close friends are doing it, I know many of your close friends are sharing these fairy tale stories of how great it is but trust me nothing will ever feel better then to wait.

What’s that? Your not worth anything anyway? Look:

As a child I know what you went through, I know you carry the hand prints of an abuser making you feel like what you have to offer isn’t worth anything. I’m telling you, it wasn’t your fault and what you have to offer is worth far more than rubies. Your childhood does not define how much you’re worth, just wait and see. Those soft whispers of “you’re nothing now”, who will want you now”, quiet them! Don’t fall for it! You are still worth waiting for.  Trust me.

Your virginity is sacred, your virginity is a gift worth giving to the man God gives you as your husband. Yes, you will be married one day. I know, I kow, you don’t think love is true but if you could see yourself now… you’d be blown away by the man that loves you dearly. But I’m telling you, wait. Your virginity is a mark of purity that belongs to you and your husband. Don’t give it away, but rather keep it wrapped up and safe for the time will come when you will be able to share it with the man you love in marriage.  There will be no regret, there will be no shame, and it will be worth it! 

I wish you could see what I see now, I wish you could understand what I understand now. I wish you would listen to advise and not think you’re worth dirt. If you could only see the beauty and price of waiting to have sex till marriage.. God has a plan for you. Wait patiently Ana. Just wait, and you’ll see, how beautiful it is to not only share your body with the man who calls you his wife but to share souls and intertwine and feel so secure in his love. You won’t have that if you don’t save yourself. Save yourself Ana, it’s so worth it, I promise!

P.S keep your eyes open for a young man named Chris, hes pretty sweet.

Love, much older Me.

Ana Nelson

Dear Younger Me-Ashley

Dear Younger Me,

You had a good childhood, a solid upbringing and a strong foundation was laid for you since birth. However, it’s your personal wars that prepared you for womanhood. When I look at you in photographs I reminisce and think about that particular time in your life that I see in the picture. I am in awe of you. I am in awe of your strength. However, when I look at those photos, I also remember the sadness in your eyes and the tears behind your smile. You’re a young woman that learned to smile in the day and cry at night; to keep the show on the road so that life wouldn’t overwhelm you. You learned to keep it moving, no matter what.

Nobody prepared you for how to deal with rape alone at just 17 years old going through college. Your strength came from the many days and nights you laid prostrate before the Lord in your room in worship trusting and taking God at His Word that He really is the same God yesterday, today and forever. You wanted to close your heart, after all, this was your very first boyfriend who did this to you. You were together for just over a year but because you met him via a chat site you blamed yourself for the rape for years. You ministered on many stages around the country and also in a few places internationally whilst nobody knew that the young woman inside you was heartbroken, blaming herself for being repeatedly raped in a 3 month period.

I admire you so much because you always loved your parents, even though it became tough when you told your father about the rape and nothing was really done. He just asked if you would have had an abortion if you got pregnant. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t expect for his daughter to somehow experience this horrific form of assault. It took you 5 years to tell your mother. You loved her but didn’t want her to throw you away, you were scared she would blame you too and reinforce that dark voice inside your head and break your heart further. You don’t blame your parents at all.

The man who raped you apologised years later and this brought some peace. You always wondered if he ever thought about it, ever thought about you, not in a romantic way but because of what had transpired. You was also his first girlfriend, he had no father around and didn’t know what it meant to be a man. He was young too and so you forgave him. Girl! I love you, I truly do.

You moved mountains, walked on water and parted red seas to get through your war. Through all of this your heart has been enlarged, your senses have sharpened and your walk with the Lord has grown deeper. By the grace of God and with loved ones you overcame and now you share your story. You have even shed tears for the man who raped you and hope to hug him someday, pray with him and lay hands on him and see him delivered and set free if you cross paths again. You love him because Jesus does and want everyone to know that it is possible to do so. You want every rape survivor to know they survived on purpose for a purpose and not by chance. We don’t have to be a victim of our circumstances but we can use them to bring about real change in the hearts of the people we encounter on a daily basis.

You’re so strong, so courageous and so brave. I love you. You’re the only woman I would ever want to be. I wouldn’t be here without you because without you being you, I couldn’t be me. I am you, all grown up.

Yours Forever,
Ash White

Dear Younger Me-Kiah

Dear younger me,

I want to apologize. There were times when I failed you. I let you slip through my radar and change yourself on account of others. There were people who wanted to harm us and instead of standing tall to bullies we crumbled.

God created us a certain way and who are we to change up his plan to gain the approval of someone else? I wish someone would have told us that it was okay to stand out, God said we are not belonging to this world. Just passing by to do his handy work.

Younger me I commend you. You had a few bumps along the way but ultimately you found your path and stuck to it. Deeply rooted in your faith you weren’t shaken by circumstances and situations. Always surrounded yourself by Gods people, with good intentions and that will serve you well. You learned from a young age how to be a good judge of character

You learned to be sugar sweet and concrete strong in the face of adversities. You went through extremely difficult things yet you didn’t change much, except to grow. You grew up, it seemed like overnight. The hurt lead you to Christ and that was the single greatest thing we could have done. From that day forward the devil attacked us but you became a spiritual warrior.

I need to tell you one thing, never ever lose sight of these things. Test and trails will come, if you remember what is written in this letter you’ll always know how to overcome them. No matter what this faulty world throws at you remember who you are. The bright beautiful little girl that has the power to change the world.

Houston Meetup


I am excited to announce that we will be having a Meetup in Houston on December 3rd. This event will be for two hours and will be a discussion about the community and how it is that we can reach our children and youth and ultimately lead them to Jesus Christ.

For more details visit the link below to register to our FREE event meetup.


Dear younger me

Dear younger me,

You don’t fit in because you were born to stand out.

 It is easy to get caught up in what others are doing. Whether they are in your community or states away trends to travel a lot quicker than you think. Yes, I understand you want to fit in but maybe it is not just that alone. Maybe you want to feel accepted and by doing so you seek the approval of others. You may not understand this now but truthfully and honestly in this world their are really two people whose view of you should matter. First, their is God who created you and then their is yourself, there is you. People can call you names, talk about you and so on but when you are firm and truly believe in what you think of yourself and most importantly how God sees you the opinions of others don’t matter. Did it ever occur to you that you are made the way you are on purpose with a purpose? You are trying desperately  to fit in with your friends, your peers, and in doing so you are wasting time. So what if you’re quiet, seem odd or just don’t have the same interests as those around you. The thing is not to change you but to be you, be the you God created you to be. Dear younger me you don’t fit in because you were born to stand out and you know what that is okay.

A generation after Christ

I have heard more negative things about my generation and even the generations that have come behind me. The news and the media are both very quick to dish out the latest tragedy, confrontation or scandal having the bad outweigh the good and so it seems. I, myself do not watch much of it because that is the majority of what I see.How many of  us know that looks can be deceiving? How many of us know that there is a lot more than meets the eye?  I believe the same can be said for this generation and the generations that have come after. Their are children and youth that are making an impact. It is just unfortunate that we do not get to hear much or see about it. Every now and then you will see a handful of stories or more but it still remains. I beg to differ as I stated earlier, I see those around me both children and youth touching hearts and changing lives.


Why children, why youth-Phylicia

1. How long have you been working with children or youth?

I have been working with children and youth for many years going back to my high school years back in 2006. It all started my 11 grade year when I started my child development program.

2.What is it that you do and how do you do it?

I am currently a youth therapist at the oldest and largest mental health organization in Florida . I do intense in home therapy with my clients ranging from ages 8-18 in which I  provide therapy for mental disorders and behavior modification to youth who are high risk.

3. What made you want to work with children or youth?

I truly believe children are our future and if I am able to touch a young soul and make a difference now , it will result in better adults for our future. I believe working with children is my calling . As a youth I experienced many trials and tribulations and from those experience I am able to relate to the population I see on a weekly basis. I go in the home to help bridge the gap between children and their parents. I have learned that children often feel like they are not valued because they are often taught to not be seen or heard, when in fact the have a lot to say. I would encourage adults to listen to their children more as they have a lot of wisdom and insight ..

Sincely~ Phylicia Campbell ( Youth Therapist) MSW-RSWI